The short term goal for UCP is to put our students to work in their chosen field, through Career and Workforce Development, with our short course options ,which allow our students plenty of specialized skills to get them on a Fast Track to achieving their career goals and give them the career break they’ve been hoping for.  In a nutshell we want to enhance the employability of all our learners, and have their skills validated through certifications.  Thus, our students will develop skills in courses that directly serve their professional needs. These salary enhancing credentials can demonstrate the students commitment to their field or career, in some cases credentials are transferable into a corresponding degree program. Single courses, and pre- college courses, are designed to help prospective students to transition into college life, and provide opportunity to redo failed courses or just explore career fields that they may be considering.   

Our primary goals give way to future development in tertiary education by offering Associate Degree programs that are designed to place our students on a career path of today’s most lucrative professions. The curriculum provides a foundation and overview within the academic disciplines of communication arts, social sciences, mathematics, life sciences, and the humanities. Instruction focuses on the development of student skills in writing, critical thinking, and information utilization, as well as foundational competencies in the selected concentration.

The Bachelor’s Degree is the highest goal of undergraduate education. Our Bachelors’ Degree programs will prepare our students with the skills and knowledge necessary to be competitive in their professional life, critical thinking abilities, and managerial skills that are always in demand along with the competencies needed in their chosen career.


Quality, accredited education is the UCP difference. All our programs offer a flexible online or blended curriculum that gives you the desired advantage and convenience of 24/7 online access to course content, and a supportive community of peers, mentors and faculty.

Our Associates and Bachelors Degrees, Undergraduate Certificate, and individual college courses are the advantage you need to succeed in obtaining your higher education goals.



Accounting Degree 

Business Management

Computer Information Systems

Construction Technology                            

Criminal Justice


Early Childhood Education                                            
Engineering Technology

Graphic Design

Human Resource Management

Industrial Supervision

Social Work

General Studies

Foundational Skills for Technology

Paralegal/ Law



​​UCP strives to be a leader in the promotion of life-long learning. We empower people to reach for the next goal and make the next step toward a fulfilled life and career, thereby contributing to the advancement of our local and global communities. We strive to be the first choice for challenging, high quality programs, that will propel students into in-demand careers and to become entrepreneurial trail blazers. We place an emphasis on excellence in course content, the learning experience, performance, and academic and career success. The office of the Provost is committed to the most current best practices, and strategies for student and institutional success.

Mrs. Sophia Thomas, MBA

Executive Director Small Business Initiatives

​Dean of Academics

Masters in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship - Nova Southeastern University

Certified Training Consultant - Ball State University

Business Education- University of Technology Jamaica

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