University College of Providenciales believe that a skilled and educated society leads to economic growth. The short-term goal of this non-profit is to put people to work with work ready skills in their chosen career path. We strongly support the mean industry of the Turks and Caicos Islands which is Tourism, and the tourism product, through training and certification on all levels from entry level to management in hospitality and tourism.  In addition the project offers, soft skills, and a second chance for applicants who missed out on obtaining a high school diploma, to obtain this foundation of a high school diploma with a career certification.  Further the project also offers English as a Second Language to foster integration and diversity of our Tourism workforce in the TCIs.

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University College of Providenciales is a Non-Profit college.  We do not exist to make a profit.  Therefore the organization has no share holders.   Revenue is re-invested back into high quality programs for our students, to pay staff,  and to maintain the facilities.

The oganization welcomes the support and investment of local and international stakeholders, corporations, businesses, donors,and philantropists in the growth and development of the workforce in Turks and Caicos islands through the programs that we offer. Thereby maintaing the Turks and Caicos motto "Beautiful by Nature". Our workforce is our most valuable human capital and equity. UCP along with your help will give back motivated, knowlegeable and career oriented individuals, with task specific traning, and provide are partners with a well deserve return on human resources, recognition and satisfaction.

UCP is regulated by the Turks and Caicos Financial Services Commission and the Turks and Caicos Island Ministry of Educatiopn and Higher Education Advisory Board.

We look forward to hearing from you and receiving your support, through partnership, scholarships, grants, and donations (monatary or otherwise). We are stronger and more effective together.