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All courses require a proficiency in English Language, a high school diploma is preferred but not required for entry to college prep or career courses. Just an interest in the subject matter is required, thereby giving new students, and matured student with years of practical experience the opportunity to validate their skills and qualifications. However, UCP's High School Diploma program requires the student to be at least 14 yrs old and have completed the eighth (8th) grade, the ideal candidate would be 16 years old. Our foundational courses, college prep and  TCI Works Program will prepare successful students for matriculation into, the workplace at entry level, and our career, diploma and  degree courses may help the student to secure more upper level employment.

For undergraduate, college credit course and degree courses students are required to have a high school diploma with proven proficiency in literacy and numeracy of a GPA of 2.5 respectively for the last two years of high school, school transcripts, diploma and certificates are required. 

CXC Math and English are a plus but not required for registration into the career, undergraduate or degree programs.

 All undergraduate students for a degree program will be required to complete two basic skills assessment, one in Reading and one in Math to determine their level of readiness to commence their undergraduate course of study. Failing the assessment and failure to provide proof of high school level proficiency, student will be required to complete at least 6-9 months of intensive preparation programs that can be married with any career certification.

All required forms for admission must be completed as well as submit official test scores and official transcripts from all high schools, colleges and universities attended, with proof of immigration status,( a medical certificate, may be required for some programs) along  with references, current resume, and application letter.  Course fees and or payment plan requirements must be meet before commencement of any course.

In addition to the required registration, 

Submit an application form or request an application form:
Return by email: completed  registration form file and pdf copies of other docs to
Originals should be presented in person for verification where applicable.


Credit card, bank deposit or bank transfers are the preferred payment methods.

​Ask about our payment plans.

Student Handbook is issued once the enrollment process is complete.